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5-Star is a Leader in

Security Solutions Featuring Certified Off-Duty
Law Enforcement Officers


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Law Enforcement Solutions

5 Star Security provides Armed Police Protection for Governmental, Corporate and Private Security clients.


All of our Officers are State Certified, Active Duty Law Enforcement Officers working with 5 Star Security on their off-duty hours.  We provide the services of actively employed, highly skilled police officers, and deputy sheriffs who are fully vetted, bonded and insured through 5 Star Security.

Five Star Security Officers are available to assist you in the following areas:

  • Traffic Control

  • Corporate and Special Event Security

  • Crowd Management

  • Vehicle Escorts – Unmarked and Marked Vehicles As Required

  • Security Officers

  • Parking Lot Security Enforcement & Patrols

  • Public Access Screening and Facility Protection

  • Retail Security and Crowd Management

  • Disaster Management and Mitigation

  • Executive Protection

  • Residential Patrols

  • Gated Community Patrol and Services

In addition to our residential patrol services, we also offer patrol services for commercial office properties, utility services, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, automobile dealerships, data centers and more.

Other Security Services

In addition to our regular Armed Law Enforcement Services, Five Star Security offers the following areas of expertise:

  • Traffic Accident Investigation and Reconstruction

  • Business Surveillance

  • Process Services

    • Summons and Complaints

    • Court Subpoena

  • Risk & Loss Prevention Enforcement

  • Private Investigation

  • Asset Location and Documentation

  • Corporate Investigations – Loss Prevention – Claims Qualification

  • Theft & Fraud Investigation

  • K9 Drug Detection


If you have other security needs, contact us to discuss how 5 Star Security can help you.

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Since 2005, Alabama Owned and Operated 5 Star Security has delivered high quality, cost effective security and investigative services to Central Alabama and surrounding areas.

Founder Ron Eddings is a 36 year Law Enforcement Veteran who is dedicated to providing highly trained law enforcement officers to meet the security needs of individuals, groups, governmental organizations and corporations.

All 5 Star Security personnel are State Certified, full time law enforcement officers, trained to the highest standards and sworn to the highest code of personal and professional ethics.

When you choose 5 Star Security, you enjoy the following benefits:

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Our ONE CALL SCHEDULING lets you make one call to our Security Specialist to manage all your scheduling needs.  Your days of making multiple calls to multiple sources to arrange security and investigative services are over!



We SIMPLIFY ACCOUNTS PAYABLE by providing time, IRS reporting and record keeping for the officers who are assigned to your contract.  You make one payment to us--we handle everything else.


We SHIELD YOU FROM TORT LIABILITY by providing each of our officers with a $2 million per officer/per incidence Liability Insurance coverage--far above the minimum State of Alabama requirements of $100,000/officer.  When you contract with 5 Star Security, we indemnify and remove your Tort Liability (under Section 6-5-338, Code of Alabama), giving you premier liability protection and peace of mind.



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Accidents or Claims


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Why 5 Star?


5 Star Security protects both our clients and our officers by providing liability insurance far beyond the minimum requirements of the State of Alabama.


For clients, this means that you are covered and indemnified against personal and corporate tort liability resulting from any security incidents.


For officers, this means you don’t have to purchase your own “moonlighting insurance” through the FOP, and our $2,000,000 coverage applies to all of your duties while you’re working for 5 Star.


Section 6-5-338, Code of Alabama (full text below) concerns the legal liabilities and minimum insurance coverage necessary for the employment of off-duty police officers.  Subsection (b) states that “No immunity is extended hereby to any private non-governmental person or entity, including any private employer of a peace officer during that officer's off-duty hours.”  Subsection (c) sets the minimum liability coverage at $100,000, while “failure to have in force the insurance herein required shall make every individual employer, every general partner of a partnership employer, every member of an unincorporated association employer, and every officer of a corporate employer individually liable for all acts taken by an “off-duty” peace officer within the line and scope of the private employment.”

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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: (205) 230-3551 or fill out the following form

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Head Office

Phone Number:
(205) 230-3551


FAX Number:
(205) 663-4916


If you are a Law Enforcement Officer and would like to work with us, please send us an e-mail with your information and experience to

Please download the
time sheet and W9.

Get a quote: (205) 230-3551
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